Our Roots

Our Story

Airloom exists to celebrate your unique history – past, present, and future. We are inspired by both cherished traditions and new ones in the making.

The name Airloom is a play on the word “heirloom,” and represents a lighter, more accessible approach to meaningful and fine diamond jewelry. This venture grew out of requests from close friends and family who were looking for South Asian jewelry but tired of having to choose between artificial trinkets online or heavy (and pricey) bridal jewelry in stores.

At Airloom, we are committed to creating fine jewelry that upholds heritage while also meeting the needs of modern-day.

Our Founders

Nitya has always held a deep love for her South Asian heritage many thanks to the arts. Beyond beautiful aesthetic, South Asian art forms have given her a way to better connect with her faraway roots. Whether dance, music, or fashion, she believes art uniquely captures coveted moments of culture and life. Now through jewelry, Nitya, a trained storyteller and artist, sets her ode to heritage in stone.

Puneet is a fourth generation diamantaire. Nearly 80 years since its founding, his family’s Lakhi Group of Companies has grown to become one of the largest exporters of diamonds from India and is a De Beers Sightholder. Puneet, a GIA Diamond Graduate, brings years of industry knowledge and a drive to modernize the traditional diamond world.


Our Promise

Ethically Sourced
All of our diamonds are naturally derived, certifiably ethically sourced and conflict-free.


Locally Crafted
While our diamonds are cut in our family-owned facilities in Surat, India, our pieces are made in NYC to support local artisans.


Our simplified supplied chain allows for mine-to-consumer pricing, sans retail markups. And while rooted in South Asian heritage, we celebrate and welcome people of all cultures and identities.


Made to Order
All of our jewelry is made upon request, allowing us to lower our carbon footprint and offer client customizations.